A New Temple
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Bible prophecy on rebuilding a 3rd Jewish Temple

A Bible StudyRevealing Truth About Solomon's New Temple in  Jerusalem

This adventure began as a search for prophecy about the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Israel. A search of simple curiosity, inspired by a Jewish friend of mine, quickly evolved into something more. As I delved deeper my astonishment increased.

In so doing, My faith deepened. I saw before me a fragmentary glimpse of the Ageless Covenant between God and Mankind; a legacy of Scripture and Guidance spanning thousands of years of spiritual growth and evolution.

Below is a list of  subjects and links found in the treatise addressed above.

1. A Question of Faith.

5. Jerusalem: City of Truth:

9. Jesus' Relationship With God:

13. The "Branch" as Mentioned in the Bible:

2.The Bible says." Seek and Ye Shall Find:"

6. The New Jerusalem:

10.  Might Priests and Prophets Lead One Astray?

14. The Qur'an Adivises:

3. Jews Return to Homeland and given renewed life.

7. Coming in a New Name:

11.The Gospel will have beeen Preached Around the World:

15. Baha'u'llah Counsels:

4. Israel Will Become Verdent With Produce.

8. Clinging to Ancestral Names for God:

12.The Baha'i World Centre in Isreal as a Candidate:" Baha'i World Centre in Israel Prophecies?

16. In Praise and Peace for God: