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A Gift from the God-Given Attributes of Faith, Discovery and Reason:


Evolution:of Directionless Change through Time, or
Creation: of Directed Intelligent Design
Are there alternatives to this either/or way of thinking?

Might science and reason, religion and faith be seen as twin guideposts serving the advancement of
knowledge, discernment, wisdom and spiritual understanding?

This subject of evolution vs. creation, leading to so much controversy and contention, appears to be symptomatic of a much larger deeper malady afflicting the wellbeing of mankind as a whole. Unless we can, somehow, get away from the mode of, self righteous exclusive favored-by-god inerrant text-truth rigid literal dogmatic-based-assumption thinking, the enlightened state of worldwide universal amity through spiritual unity, a heaven on earth, can never be realized. The divisive sectarianism of nationalism, racism, religious intolerance and dogmatic judgment will remain, becoming ever more virulent, as media and the internet provide us daily increasingly intimate awareness of global tensions, conflicts, fanaticisms and varied socially deemed "correct" pathways towards the Divine. As worldwide communication advances, we must spiritually grow; learning to utilize and apply our new God given knowledge in a lovingly responsible productive yet humble sustainable way, conducive to ever advancing and uniting all people everywhere.

To those who take part in this long standing quarrel, I would advise; Surely the Doings of the Almighty Infinite Reality, housed in the Mansions of Eternity beyond realms of space and time; is, in turn, infinitely beyond the minds of men to grasp. Given this basic premise, may not "Creation" in the Hands of God imply actions in realms of timelessness? If this is so, then it stands to reason that Creation, involving realms of timelessness itself, cannot be considered in the same light as something humans fashion within their own limited temporal existence. In realms without beginning or end the whole concept of a singular point of a creative event ceases to have meaning. All happenings seen as having "beginnings" and "ends" by mere mortals are but manifestations of temporality.

 Perhaps, just maybe; Evolution and Natural Order could simply be a part of an ongoing Creative Process wherein possibly, even Directed by some ever hidden inscrutable predestined Design Factor, pre-existent probability possibilities are continually rendered by energized motion into actual outcomes and happenings.

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Evolution vs. Creationism: Is there an alternative to this either/ or thinking?

Tiktaalik: Another missing link is found.

Science and Religion Side by Side.

Some Startling Statistics.

Evolution as a "Creative" Process?

Research and New Disciplines Confirm Evolution.

Findings are often selectively used to support a specific cause.


Controversy and Contention: A Deep Malady Afflicting Mankind.

Of the Church, Progress, Knowledge and Learning.

A Plea for Discernment.

Scientific Method: A Brief Outline.

Science, Religion, Evolution and Reason.

Do Believers tend to put God into their own make-believe image?

A Call for Open Minded Balance.


Man or Monkey?

Can Both Science and Religion Lead us to Respective Pathways of Enlightened Knowledge and Understanding?

Do not habitually blindly follow dictates of men but rather, open your eyes to the uplifting presence of the Divine!



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